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Our goal at All God’s Children Daycare is to provide your child with a safe, loving environment to learn and grow.  We adhere to high educational standards and encourage positive social and emotional behavior.  As a Christian-based daycare and preschool, it is of the utmost importance to teach your kids about God. We reinforce this value by praying before meals, attending weekly chapels, and providing Bible lessons to accompany other curricula. This being said, we welcome children of all religions and cultures with open arms!

Full-Time and Part-Time Care

 All God’s Children offers full-time or part-time care.  Part-time care includes three full days of care or five half days of care consisting of no more than four hours per day in the morning only.  Full-time care includes four or more full days of care.  Full days consist of any time over four hours.

$ Price Per Week $

Infant & Toddler6 Wks up to 2 yrs old$170.00$145.00
Two’s2 yrs until potty trained$150.00$125.00
Preschool3 years up to Kindergarten$140.00$115.00
Before & After School ProgramSchool age to 12 yrs old$70.00N/A
School Age Summer ProgramSchool Age to 12 yrs old$130.00$105.00

*Attendance for full days when school is not in session during the school year is an extra $10.00 per day for school-age children.

About Our Classes 

Infants & Toddlers

Our infants and toddlers receive one-on-one interaction with the teachers.  This age group learns through play, and we work hard to help each child meet developmental milestones.  Breakfast, lunch, and an afternoon snack are provided (for infants we puree/grind food on-site when the child is ready to begin solid foods).  Baby wipes, cereals, and snacks are provided (also Parent’s Choice Premium formula if needed).


Our two-year-old students receive one-on-one interaction.  We prepare the children to transition to the three-year-old class by working on letters, numbers, shapes, speech, and more.  We also have restrooms in each class to help with potty training.  Playtime is also learning time. Positive social and emotional behavior is encouraged.  Breakfast, lunch, and an afternoon snack are provided.


This class consists of three-year-old students and also any four-year-old students who will not be entering Kindergarten in the next school year.  We begin a curriculum involving letter recognition, numbers, shapes, weather, calendar, and more.  We also begin writing and work on other motor skills.  We work on positive behavior as well.  Breakfast, lunch, and an afternoon snack are provided.


Our Pre-K class consists of four and five-year-old students who will be going to Kindergarten in the next school year.  We prepare your child by teaching a curriculum for Kindergarten readiness.  The curriculum continues to work on writing, numbers, letters, sight words, and much more.  We also continue to work on positive social and emotional behaviors.  Breakfast, lunch, and an afternoon snack are provided.

School Age

Before and after school care includes breakfast and an afternoon snack.  After school children arrive, have their snack, and then receive tutored homework time and free play afterward.  Our summer program is posted on a monthly basis during summer and involves activities and some outings.  The summer price includes all meals.


The Following are ways to check if our center is closed due to inclement weather.

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